Top 20 Cloud Kitchens To Try In Delhi

May 19, 2024

The demand for food delivery apps has skyrocketed in recent years. Cloud kitchens cater perfectly to this trend, offering a delivery-only model that's convenient and in high demand.

Cloud kitchens also known as virtual or ghost kitchens operate without physical dining or takeout areas. 

Focusing particularly on Delhi, this city has seen the highest change in the traditional restaurant landscape. Cloud kitchen establishments have taken the city by storm with over 20,000 active cloud kitchens being operated currently at an annual growth rate exceeding 20%.

Benefits of Ordering from Cloud Kitchen In Delhi

Unlike traditional restaurants that cater to both dine-in and delivery options, cloud kitchens focus exclusively on the delivery aspect. 

This singular focus allows them to prioritize the quality of the food itself. Fresh ingredients and meticulously prepared meals are hallmarks of the cloud kitchen experience.

Global Gastronomy Delivered:

The cloud kitchen landscape in Delhi reflects the city's cosmopolitan character. From regional Indian specialties to international flavors, consumers can embark on a global culinary journey from the comfort of their own homes. 

Cloud kitchens also have the potential to introduce residents to novel cuisines they may not have otherwise encountered.

Expedited Deliveries:

Cloud kitchens are optimized for the delivery process. Their streamlined operations guarantee that food arrives hotter, fresher, and faster compared to some traditional restaurants that manage both dine-in and delivery services.

Top 20 Cloud Kitchen to Try in Delhi

Whether you are a foodie looking for your next satisfying meal or an investor looking for the best cloud kitchen businesses to invest in, this list has got you covered!

The Rollin Pizza

The Rollin' Pizza specializes in two crowd-pleasing comfort food classics: pizza and pasta.

This focus allows them to perfect their craft in both areas, ensuring you get a delicious and satisfying experience. Whether you're craving a cheesy slice or a comforting plate of pasta, The Rollin' Pizza has you covered.

Average Price For Two: INR 600

CurryNama By Seven Seas

CurryNama By Seven Seas, coming from the renowned Seven Seas legacy, promises a delightful culinary journey through the diverse flavors of India.CurryNama By Seven Seas is known for its delectable Dal Makhani, a slow-cooked black lentil dish rich in butter and cream. They also excel in Raval Pindi Ghosh, a Bengali dish featuring a chickpea flour fritter bathed in a creamy gravy, and their flavorful Biryanis.

Seven Seas Legacy: Backed by the experience of Seven Seas, a brand with over 25 years of heritage, CurryNama By Seven Seas promises a commitment to quality and tradition.

Average Price For Two: INR 1,000


Momo Zone by Kouzina

Calling all momo enthusiasts and those seeking an exciting culinary adventure! Momo Zone by Kouzina is enough to tantalize your taste buds with a unique fusion of Nepalese and Tibetan flavors.

Fusion Flair: Momo Zone by Kouzina takes things a step further by incorporating exciting fusion elements into their menu. This innovative approach promises a delightful interplay of traditional flavors with modern twists, ensuring a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Average Price For Two: INR 450

chinese noodles

House Of Wok

House of Wok caters to your cravings for Thai, Chinese, and Japanese flavors. Whether you're in the mood for a steaming bowl of Pad Thai, a flavorful Sichuan stir-fry, or delicate sushi rolls, their diverse menu has something for everyone. 

The beauty of House of Wok is the ability to explore a variety of Asian cuisines within a single order. This is perfect for indecisive diners or groups with diverse preferences.
Average Price For Two: INR 1,000

India Fish Company

India Fish Company specializes in all things seafood! Expect a menu brimming with fresh fish curries, succulent prawns, and other delectable options from the sea. Whether you're a fan of classic fish and chips or something more adventurous, they've got you covered.

They prioritize using high-quality, fresh seafood in their dishes. This dedication to quality ensures a truly delightful and authentic seafood experience.
Average Price For Two: INR 700

Etsu - Eurasian Kitchen

Etsu - Eurasian Kitchen in Delhi takes your taste buds on a captivating journey, blending European and Asian influences into a delightful culinary experience. Etsu specializes in Eurasian cuisine, a unique fusion of European and Asian flavors. This means you can savor dishes like their signature Thai Curry alongside a creamy Italian Risotto, all within the same order.

Price Range: Starts from INR 899


The Passion Project

The Passion Project specializes in crafting delectable sandwiches. They likely offer a wide variety of options, from classic combinations like BLTs and clubs to more adventurous gourmet creations.

Alongside their sandwiches, The Passion Project is known for their delicious bagels. Expect fresh, fluffy bagels perfect for a satisfying breakfast or a light lunch. They might offer various flavors and topping options to customize your bagel experience.

Average Price For Two: INR 800

Burger Rani

Calling all burger lovers in Delhi! Burger Rani, with their unique concept of Indian-inspired burgers, might just become your new favorite spot. Burger Rani elevates the classic burger by incorporating delicious Indian spices and ingredients into their creations. Think juicy patties layered with flavorful chutneys, crispy onion rings, and innovative sauces inspired by Indian street food.
Average Price For Two: INR 600

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Seoul Fried Chicken by Kouzina

With the Korean fad spreading fast across India, this venture-backed by Kouzina's expertise has shown India the true flavors of Korean spiced crispy chicken that is developed using the best sauces and ingredients.

Average Price For Two: INR 300



All pizza enthusiasts in Delhi must have experienced the delicacies of D’Oliva, especially the Detroit-style pizza crusts that set them apart from the crowd. Furthermore, their cheesy garlic bread is the perfect companion to their pizzas.

Average Price For Two: INR 800



Artiste in Delhi is considered to be a haven for handcrafted, artisanal ice creams. They also pride themselves on using fresh, premium ingredients to create their ice creams. Their ice creams are a class apart due to their richer, creamier, and more natural flavors.

Average Price For Two: INR 400


Nomad Pizza

This pizzeria extraordinaire specializes in pizzas inspired by international flavors, transforming your dinner table into a global adventure. Nomad Pizza takes you on a global adventure with pizzas representing diverse culinary traditions such as the classic simplicity of a Neapolitan pizza or the deep-dish goodness of a Chicago-style pie. They are known for using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create these delicacies.

Average Price For Two: INR 1,000


Craving a juicy, satisfying burger in Delhi. Burgrill is the place to go. Their customizable cheeseburgers allow you to craft the perfect patty experience. No burger is complete without delicious sides to round out your dining experience. Burgrill sides are famous all over Delhi especially their crispy onion rings and their peri peri wedges

Average Price For Two: INR 400

subway type sanwich

Top Dog

Top Dog proudly reigns supreme in the realm of hot dogs. They offer a variety of hot dog options on their menu such as the delicious Tex Mex with its cheesy salsa and garlic aioli, inviting you to explore classic flavors and embark on a bold adventure.

Average Price For Two: INR 400


The leading name in the guilt-free ice cream segment, NOTO caters to those seeking delicious and healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream. Their vegan options ensure no animal products are used, while the sugar-free varieties minimize your sugar intake.

This doesn't mean sacrificing taste – NOTO uses high-quality ingredients to create creamy and flavorful ice creams that satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt!

Average Price For Two: Approximately INR 300



Calling all cheeseburger enthusiasts in Delhi! Burgerama beckons with its juicy, customizable cheeseburgers at an affordable price. The company’s passion for authentic American cheeseburgers fueled its desire to create a similar experience in India, with a focus on high-quality ingredients and classic flavors.

Approx. Price For Two: INR 500

Slyce Pizza

Slyce Pizza proudly asserts its dedication to crafting pizzas that capture the true essence of this Italian classic. You can expect meticulously chosen ingredients, a focus on fresh, high-quality produce, and a unique dough-making process for a delightful crust. They're confident that their pizzas deliver an authentic and unparalleled taste experience.

Average Price For Two: INR 600

Crusty Culture

Crusty Culture takes pride in being an artisanal pizza haven. This means they focus on using high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients and crafting unique flavor profiles. Their dedication to the art of pizza making is evident from their meticulous dough preparation and innovative topping combinations.

Approx. Price For Two: INR 800

BOSS Burger

If you're craving a delicious and satisfying burger experience without breaking the bank, BOSS Burger might be your perfect destination. BOSS Burger positions itself as a haven for burger lovers and its claims run true due to the variety of burgers that it offers along with some more adventurous options.

Price: Approximately INR 250 for One

Aflatoon by SOCIAL

Do your taste buds crave an unforgettable adventure through the vibrant world of North Indian cuisine? Aflatoon by SOCIAL might be your perfect culinary compass.

Aflatoon by Social is a gourmet-style cloud kitchen in Delhi that is known for elevating classic North Indian dishes to new heights with its innovative recipes and unexpected flavor combinations.

They also understand that dining is a multi-sensory experience. Their exceptional packaging goes beyond the ordinary. This unique presentation elevates your meal from the moment it arrives, making it a feast for the eyes even before you dig in.

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Delhi's Diverse Culinary Delights Await:

Your exploration of Delhi's culinary scene revealed a variety of enticing options to satisfy your cravings:

  • Burger Enthusiasts: From budget-friendly, customizable burgers at BOSS Burger to juicy, cheese-centric delights at Burgerama, Delhi offers something for every burger lover.
  • Pizza Perfection: For a taste of authentic Italian flavors, Slyce Pizza might be your haven. Crusty Culture offers an artisanal pizza experience with unique flavor combinations for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.
  • North Indian Delights Delivered: Aflatoon by SOCIAL elevates classic North Indian cuisine with a gourmet twist, delivered conveniently to your doorstep in visually stunning packaging.

Explore, Savor, and Enjoy:

No matter your budget or preference, Delhi offers a vibrant culinary scene waiting to be explored. Use the tips provided to find the perfect spot to savor a delicious and memorable meal.

Expand Your Reach with Kouzina! Join our growing network of successful franchises and leverage our expertise to bring your culinary vision to life. 

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