Why is Kouzina Different?

Roti, Kapda, Makaan -- these three pillars epitomize Indian consumption trends. F&B is an evergreen business and is particularly emerging as a prominent category in India.

It's often said that every other adult aspires to open a restaurant. Yet, the stark reality is that 7 out of 10 restaurants shut down within a year. And it is not due to bad food, exorbitant pricing, or mismanaged operations. They fail because they struggle to attract sufficient numbers of customers to sustain themselves, let alone turn a profit.

The allure of the large F&B's market size often blinds new entrants. The key to success in any new business lies in the ability to effectively attract customers regardless of the market size. The winners are decided at a micro market level!

Franchisee Partners benefit from the brand recognition and consumer trust, which can contribute to their expansion. This recognition gives them a competitive advantage over independent businesses, attracting customers and providing a sense of reliability. Effectively, franchising a well known brand is an insurance for sales & revenues any entrepreneur can get for his or her new business. This insurance has been hugely ineffective in India, where we have seen a number of F&B companies starting to franchise operations much before building the brand. We have ourselves franchised other brands and have struggled with getting orders.

Our approach disrupts this conventional model!

Welcome the new world of F&B franchising -- while our brands continue to become stronger and we hope that they become the Domino's or McDonald's of tomorrow, we help all our Kouzina Partners succeed every single day.​

  • We have a nominal fee of 3.5 lakhs across all our brands. We are the most affordable option for anyone wanting to become an F&B entrepreneur.
  • We are the only company in the F&B space that helps our partners with a steady flow of daily orders/sales.
  • We are the only company in the F&B space that engages with their partners to help improve business performance every single day with our model of Managed "Remote" Operations.

Quoting one of our successful partners, "We only need to focus on running good operations, purchasing inventory, and being nice to the staff. Kouzina does everything else. This extent of support to partners is unheard of from franchisors”

In the last 24 months, we have onboarded more than 150 partners. For some, it is business and cash flow. For others, it is purpose, employment, or learning. A lot of these partners continue to inspire us - be it Umesh from Visakhapatnam, Glancy from Mangalore, Rajesh from Bhubaneswar, Ravi from Nashik, Sudarshan from Pune or Shyam from Guwahati.

​As we continue to tap into their collective learnings and wisdom, we are committed to empowering our partners to grow and succeed. This is Kouzina — reshaping the F&B franchising landscape one partnership at a time!