About Us

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

Our business was not ours to begin with. We started out by operating franchises of other bakeries and food brands. Eventually we started delivering cakes to customers next to the store and were appreciated. That was the moment of epiphany and the birth of our main brand WarmOven – a name derived from that magical sensory experience of smelling and tasting a freshly baked cake straight out of the oven while still warm.

Cakes are never consumed at the point of purchase and logically perhaps a category meant for takeaway or home delivery. Furthermore, cakes are very fragile and difficult to carry. Considering this, we started delivering fresh cakes to customers from a small rented kitchen at Domlur in Bangalore in 2013 with no walk-in store presence. This was about when the phrase cloud kitchen was coined & we were the first ones to pioneer a model of cakes being baked fresh to order and delivered carefully to the customers.

We focussed on delighting every customer. We understood that we were not just delivering a cake, but we were part of an emotional and happy moment in our customer’s life. Our customers had the most wonderful things to say about our service & the quality of our cakes which was indeed encouraging.

Our Story

Meet The Team

Gautam Balijepalli

Founder & CEO

Sumit Gupta

Founder & CTO

Mahesh Madiyala

Founder & COO

Rohan Rao

Founder & Head of Operations