Kouzina's Happy Partners

At Kouzina, our franchise partners are more than just business owners – they're family. Their success is our success, and their voices matter. Here, you'll find real reviews from real people who've built thriving businesses with our support. Discover the stories of our Happy Partners and see why joining our franchise network could be the recipe for your entrepreneurial dreams!


It has been a great experience, starting from a hassle free set up to smooth operations now. The staff of Kouzina are very helpful and guided us through every step of setting up our kitchen. We are now prepared to handle every delivery with ease. Their operating systems and procedures are very easy to understand & implement. WIth the strong technology platform, smooth functioning of multiple brands from the same kitchen is enabled. We look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term association and hope to expand our partnership further.

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Dommasandra


Our experience with Kouzina has been a good one. A highly supportive team led by an inspiring management team helped me open & scale my kitchen effortlessly. I want to thank everyone at Kouzina for their constant support. It opened doors of opportunities for me as a businessman. The support extended by everyone at Kouzina is something that I've never heard in the food franchising industry. Kouzina is the best and they behave like true partners. With this kind of consistent support, I aim to be the best in the city!

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Bhubaneswar

Subha Narayan

Team Kouzina is extremely professional & helped me set up my kitchen from scratch. They are quick to respond to queries and assist regularly with day-to-day business. This makes it very easy to keep the kitchen functioning without any hiccups. Suggestions are welcomed & feedback is well appreciated by the company. If you are looking to start a cloud kitchen, partnering with Kouzina is your best bet!

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Bhubaneswar


Kouzina is a great company & WarmOven is a great brand to be associated with. Working with Kouzina changed everything for my business. I would definitely recommend partnering with Kouzina for those interested. Their team has been actively involved at every step of the setting up phase. We are highly satisfied with their assistance. They gave us clear instructions on what needed to be done so that we were up & running within just a few days of signing the agreement. The team is accessible at all times to help us with our business. We are very happy with our partnership with Kouzina.

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Pondicherry


I continue to have a great experience in associating with Kouzina and WarmOven. One of the greatest asset of the company is the employees. The relationship management team is just fantastic. They’re very supportive. My friends in food industry are just in shock. They never got this kind of support from their franchisees. For anyone wanting to open an F&B franchise, Kouzina is a dream come true!

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Visakhapatnam


Kouzina has been a great experience. We are very new to cloud kitchen world, so it has been a new level of learning. The team at Kouzina always co-ordinate with us and give us guidance at the right time. It has been great help to run our kitchen. Easy access to everything is enabled through technology and software.

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Trivandrum


I came across Kouzina in my neighborhood and took over the existing franchisee that I found was not being operated efficiently as per SOPs. Kouzina helped me build my business at a faster pace compared to any other brands.The way which operations are managed thru technology, I say it is one of the best I have seen. Take KAC, Prime Piper, KFTPL Kart and Knowlys Apps you have brought entire operation into your palm. As a business owner, you feel secured where ever you are.Having said about processes and technology, the real difference is the people in Kouzina management. The knowledge and experience they have, the support they provide tailormade to your needs, the follow up they do sets them apart from other brands. With 11 brands and different menu for each brand including making the cakes from scratch, it reallyneeds lot of effort. Simplifying it to suit to a Cloud Kitchen which can be operated with minimum labor and time, requires vision and knowledge. Kudos to Kouzina founders and the team associated. For aspiring franchisees, I would say grab the opportunity and operate with discipline! The rest will be taken care by experienced Kouzina team!!

Kouzina Kitchen Partner Hyderabad