Kouzina Partner Kart

Kouzina Partner Kart: A single place to order all your key raw material inventory and packaging easily. Just log in, add items to the cart, basis recommendations on your consumption and place your order. Goods will be door delivered to your kitchen. Kouzina gets you the best prices from a network of vendors so that you can maximize your margins and focus all your attention on increasing sales.

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Kouzina Admin Consol

Kouzina Admin Console is the heart of running revenue and operations at Kouzina. The tool provides multiple tabs related to revenue which help partners check the details on the orders. The tool also provides tabs to manage operations like staff attendance, tickets, reports, etc. which help the partner to improve operational metrices.

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Knowlys is an AI-powered SOP Management, Micro-Learning, and UpSkilling Platform that allows partners to continuously improve. As the operations improve through learning, upskilling and auditing, the revenue also goes up. As Gandhiji says - Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves. Knowlys provides access to all the tools which can help the people improve their abilities at work.

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