Helly & Chilly Cafe Franchise Business: Cost And Profit

April 17, 2024

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Are you exploring the Helly and Chilly Cafe franchise cost? Delve into the world of Helly & Chilly Cafe, where every sip promises a blend of comfort and excitement. 

The significance of investing in this sector cannot be overstated, as the cafe franchise industry continues to flourish, driven by consumers' growing love for coffee and casual dining experiences. 

With a focus on quality, ambiance, and customer satisfaction, Helly & Chilly Cafe stands out as a lucrative investment. 

Join us as we uncover the essentials of starting your own Helly & Chilly Cafe, from initial costs to potential profits, and why this venture is more than just a cup of coffee.

Overview of Helly & Chilly Cafe Franchise

Helly and Chilly Cafe is a fast-growing chain that started in Ahmedabad and is now expanding globally. It offers a wide range of tasty menu items that appeal to all ages. 

The franchise package is unique, as it includes three businesses at one cost: Helly & Chilly Cafe, Chai Indiano Tea Cafe, and Helly & Chilly Cloud Kitchen. 

The brand has been recognized as the Most Promising Cafe Franchise Brand and Most Innovative Company of the Year for Food Innovation.

Key highlights of the franchise include

  • No need for expensive or trained chefs.
  • Practical and digital training provided.
  • No gas concept, ensuring safety and convenience.
  • Highest ROI and lowest investment in its category.
  • Full setup assistance, raw material assistance, and supply.
  • 0% wastage concept to maximize profits.
  • A delicious menu with high margins, suitable for all seasons and ages.

Next, let's talk numbers - how much does it cost to get started? Keep scrolling to find out.

Helly And Chilly Cafe Franchise Cost

Unique Cafe Model: 

3 franchises at one cost. Helly & chilly cafe + Chai Indiano tea cafe + Helly & chilly cloud kitchen.

  • Space Required: Minimum 150-300 sq. ft shop.
  • Investment: ₹4.49 lakh.
  • Staff Needed: 2-3 employees.
  • Electrical Load: 5 KW.

Speaking of investments, let's get down to what matters - your potential earnings. Keep reading to see what your future could look like.

Helly And Chilly Cafe Franchise Cost - Profit

Here's a clearer presentation of the projected profit for a Helly & Chilly Cafe franchise:

Projected Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Projected Daily Sale: ₹7,000
  • Annual Turnover: ₹25,20,000

Annual Expenses

  • Manpower: ₹2,88,000 (₹24,000 x 12 months)
  • Shop Rent: ₹3,60,000 (₹30,000 x 12 months)
  • Electric Bill: ₹72,000 (₹6,000 x 12 months)
  • Food Cost (35% of turnover): ₹8,82,000

Total Annual Expenses: (Manpower + Rent + Electric Bill + Food Cost) = ₹2,88,000 + ₹3,60,000 + ₹72,000 + ₹8,82,000 = ₹16,02,000


Annual Turnover - Total Annual Expenses: ₹25,20,000 - ₹16,02,000 = ₹9,18,000

Monthly Profit: Approximately ₹76,500

ROI: The return on investment can be approximately 8 to 12 months, based on the projected figures.

But there's more than just profits. Let's take a peek behind the curtain to see how Helly & Chilly supports its franchisees.

Helly & Chilly Cafe Franchise: System & Support 

The Helly & Chilly Cafe franchise system includes providing associated outlets with billing software to track revenue, manage inventory, and supply raw materials. The franchise offers comprehensive support in various areas:

  • Store Selection and Store Designing
  • Advertising and Marketing Strategies
  • Menu Modifications as per Current Terms and Conditions
  • Digital Training Programs
  • Research and Development Initiatives
  • Online and Offline Meetings for Complaints and Resolutions
  • Complete Training on handling, services, and food & dishes.

Helly And Chilly Cafe Franchise Cost & Other Key Elements To Consider Before Start

When considering a Helly & Chilly Cafe franchise, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Investment: Know the total cost, including franchise fees and setup costs.
  • Location: Choose a busy area to attract more customers.
  • Market Research: Understand what your customers want.
  • Competition: Know what other cafes are offering.
  • Marketing: Use effective strategies to promote your cafe.
  • Menu: Offer a variety of tasty options for everyone.
  • Supplies: Ensure a steady supply of quality ingredients.
  • Licenses: Make sure you have all the necessary permits.
  • Rate Changes: Be prepared for changes in costs.
  • Taxes: Understand the taxes involved in your business.
  • Customer Service: Provide great service to keep customers coming back.
  • Financial Planning: Manage your money wisely to make a profit.
  • Growth: Think about how you can expand your business in the future.

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Feeling excited about the Helly & Chilly Cafe franchise? Hold onto that thought – because we’re about to introduce you to an exciting alternative that might just sway your decision.

Kouzina: A Leading Alternative to Helly and Chilly Cafe Franchise

Kouzina is a prominent food tech company known for supporting budding entrepreneurs and established hospitality businesses in launching successful food franchises.

The brand has a strong presence in over 80 cities, with more than 4,180 virtual restaurants and 190 cloud-delivery kitchens.

Diverse Culinary Portfolio: 11 Brands

  • WarmOven: Specializes in cakes and desserts.
  • KaatiZone: Offers a variety of rolls and wraps.
  • Indiana Burgers: Known for its affordable burgers.
  • CupCake Bliss: Delights with cupcakes and desserts.
  • Burger It Up: Serves premium burgers.
  • Slurpy Shakes: Provides a range of milkshakes.
  • Sundae Everyday: Features ice creams and sundaes.
  • Dessert Zone: Focuses on a variety of desserts.
  • Momo Zone: Offers a selection of momos.
  • Kouzina Kafe: A mix of all brands, offering a diverse menu.

Franchise Opportunities

Kouzina is the only cloud kitchen franchise of scale, providing cost-effective franchise opportunities.

The brand offers comprehensive support in aggregator management, aiding target customers like Rebel, Cure Foods, Dil Foods, and Ghost Kitchens India.

Target Market

Primarily focusing on the Indian market, Kouzina positions itself as a top alternative to the Helly and Chilly Cafe franchise.

With its diverse offerings and strong support system, Kouzina presents a compelling alternative for those considering a franchise in the food and beverage industry.

Now, let's get down to brass tacks and talk about what it'll cost you to join this culinary adventure with Kouzina.

Kouzina: Investment Cost




Investment including Brand Fee

Brand Fee



Exp. Monthly Sales

Profit Margin



Cloud Kitchen


INR 8 - 10 lakh

INR 2.5 lakh

300 - 600 Sq Ft


INR 8 lakh


12% royalty on monthly sales


Kitchen with Store Front


INR 10 - 12 lakh

INR 2.5 lakh

350 - 800 Sq Ft


INR 10 lakh


12% royalty on monthly sales


Kitchen Master


INR 30 - 32 lakh

INR 5 lakh

800 - 1,500 Sq Ft


INR 30 lakh


12% royalty on monthly sales

Curious about the support you’d get as a Kouzina franchisee? Keep reading - you’re going to like what you see.

Kouzina Franchise Support

As a Kouzina franchisee, you can expect comprehensive support from the company to ensure your success:

  • Site Selection: Assistance in identifying the ideal location for your kitchen using demand data.
  • Setup Support: Guidance through the setup process, including kitchen layouts, equipment selection, and staff hiring.
  • Post-Launch Support: Continued support after launch, including the provision of a specialized bakery chef from Kouzina to work with you.
  • Operational Excellence: Access to best-in-class Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for culinary processes and hygiene, regular training on products and SOPs, training videos, and continuous assessments for staff.
  • Inventory Management: Strong inventory management practices and tools to ensure efficient operations.
  • Data-Driven Improvement: Continuous improvement based on data analysis, daily kitchen dashboards, and regular audits of your kitchen.
  • Aggregator Partnership: Assistance in partnering with aggregators for online orders, including easy onboarding and best practices for menu management to drive orders.
  • Marketing Support: Guidance in digital marketing and social media marketing to enhance your online presence and attract customers.
  • Packaging Innovation: Innovative packaging solutions to enhance customer experience and brand appeal.

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In conclusion, Helly & Chilly Cafe and Kouzina are both great choices for starting a franchise in the food and beverage industry. Helly & Chilly Cafe offers a good opportunity for those interested in opening a cafe, with a reasonable investment and strong support. 

Kouzina is a great alternative for those looking to invest in a cloud kitchen with a diverse menu and a cost-effective model. Both franchises provide a chance to tap into the growing food market and build a profitable business.

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