Top Food Franchises Under 10 Lakhs In India

April 17, 2024

The food franchise industry in India is one of the fastest growing options for those looking to start their own business endeavor.

Today’s food industry has made it easier for everyone to receive food at their doorsteps.All you need to do is set some time aside to decide what you want to eat

.With the changing food landscape, consumers preferences also keep changing quickly and when you take into account the millions of people who make up the market sector, the potential for food franchising is unmatched.

India’s F&B franchise industry is currently valued at over Rs. 75,000 crores and is projected to grow annually at a rate of 7%. With this much growth happening and more and more people joining the industry, the need for budget friendly franchises has also grown significantly.

With a smaller investment,such as 8 to 10 lakhs, reaching profitability becomes quicker. Franchisees can focus on building their customer base and business operations without the burden of significant debt.

Overview of food franchise opportunities in India under 10 lakhs

If you are someone looking to start a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India there is a beacon of hope for you.There are a wide range of options available to provide proven success,established brands like Sagar Ratna and WarmOven have already carved a niche in the market, making it easier for budding entrepreneurs to enter a ready market.

Top Food Franchises under 10 Lakhs in India

Top Food Franchises under 10 Lakhs in India

Chai Sutta Bar

This franchise was among the first ones to incorporate the seamless pleasures of tea and cigarettes while also providing its customers with a warm atmosphere and an expansive beverage menu.

Being a food franchise under 10 lakhs it is definitely a top choice for many and has proved to be successful for all who have joined hands with this franchise.It boasts impressive profit margins and ROI, especially in high-demand areas, guaranteeing consistent annual growth.

WarmOven – Cakes and Desserts

This franchise operates on a cloud kitchen model, focusing solely on the most popular delivery methods such as online ordering and takeaway order.With a franchise cost starting from 10 lakhs, They are a success in India due to their special cakes and confectioneries.

In the sea of business franchises, WarmOven has emerged as a beacon for entrepreneurs.It’s uniqueness comes from the ability to blend quality, popularity and affordability all in one place.

Further, backed by Kouzina, a company which has experience in managing multiple food brands under one roof ,it offers potential benefits in terms of operational support and brand leverage.

Belgian Waffle Co. 

There is not a single person that can complain about their freshly baked belgium waffles, accompanied by a mouth watering range of delectable toppings.For entrepreneurs looking to enter the dessert market, there could not be a better choice.Being a food franchise under 10 lakhs, it definitely is the whole package for a dessert enthusiast like yourself.

Kaati Zone

Kaati Zone brings Mumbai to your platter, no matter where in India you reside.They are famous for their desi kathi rolls and wraps packed with locally sourced ingredients.Their already strong offline presence, peaked further after Kouzina acquired it and incorporated a delivery-led model in it.If you go a little over your price range to 12 lakhs, this is the perfect franchise to invest in.

Indiana Burgers

Indiana Burger emerges as the most viable pathway for you to pursue financial independence through your franchise.With a cost that lies between 10-12 lakhs it gives you plenty of room to build a business with high returns.Not to forget that it holds a special place in the hearts of the millions of people living in Bangalore since its inception in 1980s.It’s delicious and unique range of burgers are a top choice of every Bangalorean.


Box8 offers a convenient way to enjoy delicious and "Desi" (meaning local or indigenous) Indian meals delivered straight to your doorstep.It caters to individuals seeking a quick and hassle-free solution for lunch, dinner, or cravings.Their investment cost ranges from 8-10 lakhs.Primarily functioning as a cloud kitchen model, they focus solely on online delivery and takeaway orders. This eliminates the need for a dine-in area, potentially reducing operational costs.

Momo Zone

Momo Zone, like the other franchises offered by Kouzina is a paradigm for low-cost franchises with high profits in India.With a little over 10 lakhs of investment you can become a part of a franchise which has combined the best of Tibet and Nepal from tasty momoes to warm thukpas, bringing it right to the customers doorstep.

Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor

One of the oldest food franchises in India, Amul is also a renowned ice cream brand, loved by all age groups due to its diverse range of flavours.It’s robust profit margins are a result of it’s ever growing popularity as the top choice in ice creams.With an investment range of just 10 lakhs which covers the franchise fees, setup and marketing, Amul is the right opportunity for all gourmet lovers.

Chai Point

Chai Point is the leading chain of tea outlets in India and is known for its beverages and high quality snacks.For all the tea connoisseurs, Chai Point stand out as the top destination with customizable tea option and warm interiors.With an investment of just 7 to 9 lakhs entrepreneurs can be a part of this impressive culture.

Mad Over Donuts

This one does what it says.Mad Over Donuts is a very successful Indian bakery chain specializing in 100% eggless donuts and catering to a wide audience.Their menu extends beyond donuts, including brownies, eclairs, waffles, mini donuts, beverages, coffee, coolers, and milkshakes.A food franchise such as this under 10 lakhs in India is the perfect opportunity to use your business acumen.Further, Mad Over Donuts operates over 200 outlets across India, indicating a well-established brand presence.

Yo! China 

In the myriad of chinese restaurants, Yo!China stands out as the favourite dining destination for Chinese food lovers.They offer a diverse range of authentic Chinese dishes with a emphasis on quality ingredients and flavorful recipes.With an investment range between 8-10 lakhs, Yo!China is a rewarding choice due to its strong growth potential.

Sagar Ratna 

Sagar Ratna was founded in 1986 in Delhi.Since then it is the cult favourtie of north indians looking for a taste of south.They focus on vegetarian food with authentic south indian flavors prepared using fresh ingredients.Initial costs for getting a Sagar Ratna franchise falls between 8 to 10 lakhs.Further, they operate across various formats such as company owned outlets as well as franchises.

Goli Vada Pav 

Bringing the mumbai feel to your doorstep, Goli Vada Pav operates as the most popular fast food franchise offering a variety of delicious vada pav and street food options.For all the entrepreneurs seeking a low cost and profitable business venture, Goli Vada Pav presents an attractive franchise opportunity at just 6 to 8 lakhs of investment cost.

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Benefits of Food Franchises

Food franchises specially the new cloud kitchen models operate under an established system with a track record of success and reduced operational cost. This diminishes the inherent risk associated with starting a new business from scratch.

The franchisor has likely already established brand awareness and customer loyalty, allowing franchisees to benefit from existing market recognition.Further, Franchisors typically provide comprehensive marketing resources and support to the franchisee owners.This can include marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and assistance with local marketing initiatives.


These were some of the top choices to consider when starting a franchisee of your own.The potential of food franchise under 10 lakhs in India includes a number of small regional chains and emerging franchises.Not to forget, the rise of kiosk and food cart franchises that has lately been chosen as a cost effective option.

Further with expanding your budget a little more to 12 lakhs, you get access to Kouzina’s range of exquisite brands,each with a unique and profitable concept.So remember to choose a business model with the potential to grow and expand over time, such as one starting with a single kiosk with more additions in the future.

Note: If considering opening a franchise, thoroughly reviewing the franchise agreement is essential. This document outlines the terms of the franchise relationship, including fees, royalties, operational requirements, and restrictions.

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