Food Franchise Opportunities In Pune: Famous Brands

April 17, 2024

Pune's booming food scene makes it a prime location for food franchises to thrive in 2024. In this sense, Pune's proximity to Mumbai also allows for wider access to the customer base and potential for expansion within Maharashtra.

The Criteria for Selecting the Top Food Franchises

Brand strength is important when choosing a food franchise in any city. Look for established brands with a strong reputation for quality, taste, and customer service. You should choose a franchise concept that aligns with Pune's existing food trends or offers a unique and differentiated option.

Franchise support is of paramount importance when starting a business from scratch, always evaluate the level of support offered by the franchisor in areas like training, marketing, and ongoing operational guidance to have a better understanding of your goals and responsibilities.

Food Franchise Opportunities in Pune for 2024

Food Franchise Opportunities in Pune for 2024

Halla Bol - 

Halla Bol has the potential to be a successful food franchise in Pune for 2024. Their focus on elevating classic Indian street food to a stylish setting that appeals to a younger and trendy demographic is surely something that will fill a gap in the market.

Further,  Pune is a young and vibrant city with a high disposable income which is the perfect target audience for Halla Bol.

Franchise potential is high too because this concept can easily be replicated across different locations in Pune.

While this franchise is gaining popularity in Pune its startup cost is still considerably low with an investment range of 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs.

indian food thali


KK Thali has become an innovative food franchise in Pune with their offerings of a comforting and familiar experience through their ‘thali’ concept. Their food menu is unique with a contemporary twist, catering to both those seeking a traditional experience and those wanting a modern take on classic dishes. This franchise is open to adapting and adjusting to include local Pune favorites or seasonal ingredients hence making them a favorable option for many in 2024.

They are supported by well-known brands and have high growth prospects with an investment range of 15 to 20 lakhs.


What a Sandwich 

"What a Sandwich" stands out as a top food franchise in Pune with its focus on unique and interesting sandwich creations. Sandwiches are a popular and convenient meal option, perfect for busy lifestyles, with What a Sandwich’s comprehensive support system which includes training, marketing assistance, and further guidance any franchisee can have a swift and prosperous start-up. Another exciting thing about this franchise is that the cost to start this business is very low and you can begin your entrepreneurial journey with just 1 to 2 lakhs.


Chicago Pizza 

Chicago Pizza" already has a presence in India with over 190 outlets, indicating brand recognition and potentially a successful franchise model. Since deep-dish pizza is not as common in India, it offers a unique selling proposition (USP) in Pune. Further, Chicago Pizza offers comprehensive training to its franchisees as well. All in all their high brand value, proven track record of profitability, and a low investment cost of 10 to 15 lakhs make them a lucrative business opportunity for 2024.



Kaysons offers a diverse range of food and beverage options, catering to a broader customer base with varying tastes. Pune’s market is suitable for this proposition as its demographics with a mix of young professionals, families, and students can benefit from Kaysons' variety. Their investment ranges from 1 to 2 lakhs.


Uncle Peter's Pancakes

Uncle Peter's Pancakes is on its way to becoming a popular food franchise in Pune and this concept will be especially beneficial for those looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of breakfast options. Their focus on providing a distinctive pancake menu with different varieties of sweet and savory options can be a welcome change from the standard breakfast fare in Pune. With outlets already established in other Indian cities, Uncle Peter's also has a well-developed franchise model for support.

indian food

Food Mohalla 

Food Mohalla with an investment range of 15 to 20 lakhs has become a reputable name in the fast food industry. Their offerings of diverse food options such as Chinese, continental, and Indian at affordable prices is what makes them easily accessible and loved by the Pune crowd.

Kouzina Brands in Pune

Kouzina Brands in Pune: The Biryani Zone

The Biryani Zone

The Biryani Zone, focusing on an amalgamation of Turkish flavors with biryani, presents a unique concept with exciting possibilities as a top food franchise in Pune for 2024. As Fusion cuisine is gaining popularity, The Biryani Zone offers a fresh take on a classic Indian dish. Biryani is a beloved dish in India and Pune too consists of a vibrant food scene that is open to innovative culinary experiences. This franchise comes at a low cost of around 10 to 20 lakhs and has a high potential for success in the Pune market.

kaati zone

Kaati Zone

Kaati Zone's focus on iconic Mumbai street food with a desi twist offers a strong foundation for a successful franchise in Pune in 2024. Street food is a booming trend in India, and Kaati rolls offer a convenient and delicious option. Kaati Zone has been made into a well-established brand by Kouzina and their strong presence in other cities is a testament to this claim.



WarmOven like all other brands by Kouzina has a strong focus on its delivery models which aligns with the growing online food ordering trends. Pune is famous for its love for all things sweet and this franchise has a strong potential for growth there. Their offering of a wide range of cakes that cater to all kinds of tastes and occasions makes them a highly scalable franchise as well.


Indiana burgers

Their delicious burgers have been a customer favorite in Bangalore since the 1980s making it one of the most desirable food franchises in Pune for 2024. Pune like Bangalore has a rich blend of college students and young professionals who crave something fancy yet affordable. Indiana Burgers can readily fulfill this market gap in Pune as well given its strong brand presence and the continuous support that Kouzina provides to all its franchisees.

Is it Profitable to Start a Food Franchise in Pune?

The Appeal of Pune as a Market for Food Franchises

Pune has a large and growing young demographic with disposable income, a group known for frequenting restaurants and trying new food concepts. The upcoming food scene indicates a willingness to experiment with different cuisines and culinary experiences making it a new haven for innovative and fresh franchise concepts.

The Significance of Brand Recognition and Established Business Models

Established franchises with strong brand recognition already have a proven track record of success, reducing the risk associated with starting a new restaurant from scratch. Established franchisors often offer support in areas like training, marketing, and supply chain management, which can be especially helpful for new restaurant owners.

The Role of Comprehensive Franchisor Support

A good franchisor will provide ongoing support to their franchisees in areas like troubleshooting operational challenges and adapting to market changes. Look for franchisors who offer marketing support to help you establish your brand locally and attract customers in Pune.

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Advantages of Investing in Well-Established Brands

Brand recognition is an important part of starting a new franchisee because customers already recognize and trust established brands, leading to a potential customer base from the outset. Furthermore,  established franchisors provide a defined business model, recipes, operational guidelines, and marketing strategies, ensuring consistency and quality.

How to Choose the Right Food Franchise?

Franchises come in various cuisines, price points, and investment levels. Choose one that aligns with your interests, budget, and risk tolerance. Analyze the Pune market for existing competition in the chosen cuisine category. Remember to ask yourself as to how the franchise will be able to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Initial Investment Required

Initial investments include the franchise fee, the real estate costs, and other equipment and inventory costs. The cost of food franchises in Pune varies depending on all these factors however you may expect the initial investment to be anywhere between 10 to 20 lakhs for a decently established franchise.


The Pune food franchise market offers exciting possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs in 2024. 

It is well known that food franchises offer a reduced risk compared to starting a restaurant from scratch, thanks to established brand recognition, standardized operations, and franchisor support. 

So if you're passionate about the food industry and excited about the potential of entrepreneurship, exploring food franchise opportunities in Pune can be a rewarding journey. Conduct thorough research, develop a solid business plan, and always seek professional guidance to navigate the legal and financial aspects.

At Kouzina we know that the food industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. That’s why we provide you with the right approach, a well-chosen franchise, and a commitment to excellence so that you can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving food franchise in Pune.

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