Top Cloud Kitchens To Order From In Mumbai

May 19, 2024

Cloud kitchen, also known as a virtual restaurant or ghost kitchen, is a relatively new concept that has taken the Mumbai food scene by storm. 

Mumbai’s soul resides in its bustling street food scene. From the iconic Vada Pav, a deep-fried potato dumpling encased in soft buns to the tangy explosion of flavors in a Bhel Puri, this city has it all.

For a city that never sleeps and is always on the run, dining-in is increasingly becoming redundant with consumers shifting to a delivery-based model that is provided by cloud kitchens.

Rise Of Cloud Kitchen In Mumbai : Possible Reasons

Delivery Focus: 

Cloud kitchens streamline operations by eliminating dine-in expenses like rent for prime Mumbai real estate and a dedicated wait staff

Culinary Innovation: 

With lower overhead costs, cloud kitchens offer a platform for culinary experimentation that caters to Mumbai's diverse palate. They can test new regional Indian cuisines or global flavors, alongside catering to niche dietary needs like vegan, keto, or Jain options, without the risks associated with a traditional restaurant. 

Real Estate Impact: 

Mumbai's real estate market is notoriously expensive, with prime locations commanding exorbitant rents. Cloud kitchens thrive in smaller, more affordable spaces in industrial areas or on the outskirts of the city, leading to a unique influence on the city's property market. 

Impact of COVID-19 On The Rise of Cloud Kitchens

The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a major accelerator for the growth of cloud kitchens around the world, and Mumbai was no exception.

Studies suggest that pre-pandemic, the cloud kitchen market was projected to grow at a CAGR of 12%, compared to 7.1% for traditional restaurants

However, due to COVID-19, the platform-to-consumer (cloud kitchen/delivery only) format is predicted to surpass the dine-in restaurant model sooner than expected

Lower Operational Risk:

  • With dine-in options restricted, traditional restaurants faced significant financial risks. Cloud kitchens, with their lower overhead costs due to the absence of a physical dining space and staff, were less susceptible to these financial strains.

Shift in Consumer Preferences:

  • Hygiene and safety became top priorities during the pandemic. Cloud kitchens, with their controlled environment and focus on take-out and delivery, offered a perception of greater safety compared to traditional restaurants. This shift in consumer preferences further boosted the demand for cloud kitchens.

Benefits of Ordering from Cloud Kitchen In Mumbai for Customers

Cloud kitchens offer a win-win for convenience and variety. Their focus on online delivery makes ordering effortless - browse menus, place orders, and track deliveries from your phone or computer, eliminating the need to travel or wait in line. 

Plus, cloud kitchens often operate under multiple virtual brands, giving you a wider selection of cuisines to choose from compared to a single restaurant. 

Cloud kitchens can also be more value-driven. Their lower overhead costs, due to the absence of a physical dining area and staff, can sometimes translate to lower menu prices for customers

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Top Cloud Kitchens In Mumbai To Order From

WarmOven By Kouzina

Kouzina is considered to be the champion of variety and innovation.WarmOven is no exception. The first-only bakery in Bangalore became so popular for its quick cake deliveries and delicious flavors that it was not long before it expanded to other locations. In Mumbai, their services reign supreme due to the emphasis on providing fresh, high-quality delicacies with every delivery.

indian curry food dish with rice

Culinary Garage

Another popular cloud kitchen in Mumbai, their focus on dishes from across India using local ingredients allows you to experience a variety of regional flavors without leaving your home.
Their highlights of Amritsar's Dal Makhani, Delhi's Soya Chaap, and seafood dishes like Kerala-style Fish Curry or Goan Prawn Curry showcase their diverse menu that caters to a variety of taste preferences, from vegetarian staples to regional specialties.
Price Range: INR 400 for two people


Pie & Co

Pie & Co takes pies seriously. Their focus on handmade pies is an assertive statement about their commitment to quality and fresh ingredients. This means you can expect a step above the typical fast-food pie. Handmade pies often involve a flaky, buttery crust made with high-quality flour and carefully prepared fillings. 

The fillings themselves use seasonal or locally sourced ingredients, and the entire pie is assembled with care and attention to detail, resulting in a more gourmet experience than mass-produced pies. Further, their menu with options like butter chicken pie, mushroom pie, and mac and cheese pie showcases their creativity and caters to a variety of preferences.

burger and french fries

Louis Burger

A well-known cloud kitchen brand in Mumbai, Louis Burger’s focus on providing gourmet fast food using high-quality ingredients is what sets them apart. With a focus on excellence in both taste and presentation, Louis Burger has become a favorite destination for burger enthusiasts in the area. Their fresh and juicy patties along with the gourmet toppings have also helped them gain a strong customer base in Mumbai.

english food

Star Anise Wok

Star Anise Wok is a popular restaurant that specializes in Asian-inspired dishes. Located in Lower Parel, it offers a diverse menu featuring a fusion of flavors from various Asian cuisines. Quickly gaining popularity, Star Anise has been attracting food enthusiasts through its signature dishes such as the chili garlic chicken and its famous burnt chili oil fried rice.

K'z Mezze

K'z Mezze is a restaurant specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, located in Bandra West. Known for its authentic flavors and diverse menu offerings, K'z Mezze brings the rich culinary traditions of the Middle East to Mumbai. The restaurant offers a range of specialties that highlight the region's vibrant and aromatic dishes, including the famous hummus and falafel platter. Their shawarma and kebabs provide foodies with the experience of a lifetime.

KaatiZone by Kouzina

KaatiZone by Kouzina is a popular cloud kitchen brand in Mumbai known for offering a unique twist on the famous traditional street food- kathi rolls. Their innovative rolls are not only delicious but packed with nutrition making them a top choice among the health-conscious population of Mumbai.

With a focus on creativity and flavor, KaatiZone serves up a variety of dishes that capture the essence of Mumbai's street food scene while adding their own distinct touches. 


Mediterranea is a pioneering cloud delivery kitchen located in Worli, Mumbai, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. As the first of its kind in the area, Mediterranea offers a convenient and innovative dining experience, bringing the flavors of the Mediterranean directly to customers' doorsteps.

As a cloud kitchen, Mediterranea offers ease of delivery, allowing you to enjoy its unique food offering of fresh Greek salads and cold mezze from the comfort of your home or office.


Harvest Salad Co

Harvest Salad Co is a dining establishment that prides itself on offering healthy and freshly made meals to its customers. With a focus on nutritious ingredients and vibrant flavors, Harvest Salad Co aims to provide a guilt-free dining experience for those looking to nourish their bodies with wholesome food choices. Their expansive menu has some great options but their bestsellers such as the Avo Crunch and Seoul Salad should definitely be on your list for the next visit.

Art Of Dum

Art Of Dum is a culinary destination renowned for its commitment to authentic Dum-pukht biryani and succulent kebabs. Utilizing traditional Dum techniques, the cloud kitchen ensures that each dish is infused with rich flavors and tender textures, creating a truly memorable dining experience.

Authentic Dum-pukht Biryani:

Dum-pukht biryani is a classic Indian dish known for its fragrant rice, tender meat, and intricate layers of flavor. Art Of Dum takes pride in offering a range of Dum-pukht biryanis, including options with chicken, lamb, or vegetables, each prepared with care and attention to detail.

Juicy Kebabs:

Art Of Dum is also known for its juicy kebabs, which are marinated in a blend of spices and cooked to perfection using Dum techniques.

chocolate cake

The Conscious Baker

The Conscious Baker is a bakery model in Mumbai that specializes in offering a range of vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options, catering to customers with various dietary preferences and restrictions. With a focus on using wholesome and natural ingredients, The Conscious Baker provides guilt-free indulgence without compromising on taste or quality.

Specialty in Organic Cocoa Chocolate Bakes:

One of the specialties of The Conscious Baker is its organic cocoa chocolate bakes, which are crafted using high-quality, organic cocoa powder and other premium ingredients. 

These chocolate treats are available in various forms, including cakes, cookies, brownies, and muffins, all of which are decadent and rich in flavor.

By using organic cocoa powder, The Conscious Baker ensures that its chocolate bakes not only taste delicious but also contain the benefits of antioxidants and other nutrients found in cocoa.

Commercial Impact and FAQs

How Cloud Kitchens Influence Mumbai's Commercial Real Estate:

Cloud kitchens have been reshaping Mumbai's commercial real estate landscape by altering the demand for traditional restaurant spaces.

This shift in demand has led to a transformation in the types of properties sought after by restaurateurs and investors, with a greater emphasis on warehouse-style spaces equipped with industrial kitchens and delivery infrastructure.

Additionally, the rise of cloud kitchens has resulted in the repurposing of underutilized or vacant commercial properties into shared kitchen spaces, further optimizing the use of existing real estate assets in the city.

The Role of Cloud Kitchens in Mumbai's Culinary Scene:

Cloud kitchens play a significant role in Mumbai's culinary scene by offering a diverse range of cuisines and dining options to residents.

These virtual restaurants provide opportunities for aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs to enter the market with minimal overhead costs and logistical challenges.

Cloud kitchens also cater to the growing demand for delivery and takeout services, providing convenience and accessibility to customers who prefer dining at home or in the office.

Cloud Kitchens' Cuisines, Cost-Effectiveness, and Dine-In Options:

Cuisines: Cloud kitchens offer a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from traditional Indian dishes to international favorites like Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and more. Customers can explore diverse flavors and culinary experiences without leaving their homes.

Cost-Effectiveness: Cloud kitchens are often more cost-effective than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants due to lower overhead expenses. This cost savings can be passed on to customers through competitive pricing and special promotions, making dining out more affordable.

Dine-In Options: While cloud kitchens primarily focus on delivery and takeout services, some may offer limited dine-in options for customers who prefer to eat on-site. However, the emphasis is usually on optimizing the delivery experience, with dine-in facilities kept minimal or nonexistent to reduce operational complexities and costs.

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In conclusion, cloud kitchens have emerged as a transformative force in Mumbai's culinary industry, reshaping both the commercial real estate landscape and the dining experience for residents. 

Cloud kitchen models like Kouzina have shown that by leveraging technology and innovative business models, virtual kitchens have revolutionized the way food is prepared, delivered, and consumed in the city.

Revolutionize Food Delivery! Kouzina offers a low-risk entry point to the booming cloud kitchen market. Inquire about franchise opportunities!

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