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April 30, 2024

Chaayos is a New Delhi-based tea cafe chain specializing in, you guessed it, chai! 

In India, chai is more than just a beverage, it is an emotion that brings people of all cultures together.

 While enjoyed globally, chai consumption is particularly strong in India, its country of origin. Statistics might show India as the world's leading chai consumer, perhaps accounting for a substantial portion of global consumption.


Origin Story of Chaayos

The idea for Chaayos originated in the mind of Nitin Saluja while he was in Houston, USA. When he could not find a fresh and strong cup of chai there, his spark to create a cafe concept dedicated to exceptional chai experiences ignited.

Following this inspiration, Nitin Saluja collaborated with Raghav Verma to bring Chaayos to life. In November 2012, their dream became a reality with the opening of the first Chaayos outlet in Gurgaon.

Vision of Chaayos

Chaayos aimed to be more than just a regular chai stall. Their vision was to create a space where chai lovers could experiment with a variety of flavors and personalize their tea according to their preferences. With a menu offering over 12,000 unique combinations and a focus on customization, Chaayos introduced a new wave of chai experiences for consumers.

Overview of Chaayos as a Tea and Coffee Franchise

Chaayos offers a unique franchise opportunity in the tea and coffee industry. Their claim to fame is the ability to tailor tea and coffee drinks to individual preferences. 

Customers can choose their milk type, tea base, strength, and sweetness level, and even add interesting flavor options. This customization sets them apart from traditional tea and coffee chains and caters to a broader audience.

The Premium Atmosphere provided at Chaayos Outlet

A Chaayos franchise is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting space.  Imagine a modern and stylish cafe with sleek furniture or a warm and cozy atmosphere with plush seating. The focus is on creating a welcoming environment where customers can relax and linger over their beverages. This focus on ambiance can keep customers coming back for more.

Owning a Chaayos franchise can be a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a foothold in the tea and coffee market. They leverage a strong brand reputation, offer a unique product, and prioritize customer experience. This combination can position your franchise for success.

Understanding the Franchise Business Model

Chaayos primarily operates through a franchise model, allowing entrepreneurs to own and operate their own Chaayos outlets


  • The initial investment for a Chaayos franchise ranges from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. This covers various expenses that are crucial for getting your franchise outlet up and running smoothly along with the costs required to set up a shop or unit with an area of 200 to 400 sq. ft. These expenses include:some text
    • Franchise fee: This fee grants you the license to operate a Chaayos outlet and allows you to benefit from the brand name, reputation, and established business model.
    • Setting up the outlet: This includes costs associated with leasing a suitable location, obtaining necessary permits, and outfitting the outlet with furniture, equipment (like tea brewing machines and beverage dispensers), and signage that adheres to Chaayos' brand guidelines.
    • Initial inventory: This includes stocking your outlet with the necessary tea supplies (like loose-leaf teas, tea bags, milk, sugar, and other condiments), as well as packaging materials like cups, lids, and carry bags.

Revenue Sharing:

  • Chaayos offers a commission and revenue-sharing model. Franchisees earn a significant share of the revenue generated at their outlet, typically around 95%.
  • They also have a royalty fee of around 5% to contribute towards brand building and marketing efforts.

Pre-opening Support:

  • Site Selection: Chaayos can assist with finding a suitable location for your franchise outlet, considering factors like foot traffic, demographics, and visibility.
  • Outlet Setup: They provide guidance on obtaining necessary permits, designing the outlet layout according to their brand guidelines, and sourcing furniture and equipment.
  • Training: Chaayos offers training programs for franchisees and their staff on various aspects, including:some text
    • Chaayos' tea brewing methods and beverage preparation processes
    • Customer service and hospitality standards
    • Operating the Chaayos point-of-sale system and managing inventory

Ongoing Support:

  • Operations Manual: Franchisees receive a comprehensive operations manual that outlines best practices for running their outlet, including staff management, inventory control, health and safety protocols, and maintaining food quality standards.
  • Relationship Manager: Chaayos assigns a dedicated relationship manager to each franchisee to provide ongoing support and address any concerns that may arise during operations.
  • Marketing Assistance: Chaayos offers marketing support to its franchisees. This may include:some text
    • Access to marketing materials and brand guidelines
    • Assistance with local area marketing initiatives
    • Participation in national Chaayos marketing campaigns (in some cases)

General Considerations When Estimating ROI

  • Initial Investment: Factor in all the initial costs associated with setting up your franchise, including franchise fees, outlet setup, inventory, and working capital.
  • Operating Expenses: Consider ongoing expenses like rent, utilities, employee wages, marketing, and royalty fees.
  • Revenue Potential: Estimate your potential revenue based on factors like location, foot traffic, and average order value.
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Kouzina as a Franchise Partner:

The Kouzina franchise offers several advantages, particularly for those interested in the cloud kitchen model. This business model allows you to bypass the high rents of traditional restaurants by operating from a more affordable location.

Since there's no dine-in service, you also save on the cost of building out a dining room and can invest that capital elsewhere. Additionally, if business slows down in a particular location, you can relocate more easily and cheaply compared to a traditional restaurant.

Multi-Brand Approach

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Support and Training for Franchisees at Chaayos

Chaayos equips its franchisees for success with a comprehensive support and training program. This program covers various aspects crucial for running a thriving Chaayos outlet. Franchisees benefit from:

  • Cooking and food presentation training: Mastering the art of brewing perfect Chaayos beverages and presenting them with signature flair.
  • Interior design and development support: Ensuring your outlet reflects the unique Chaayos brand identity through design guidance and assistance in acquiring furniture and equipment.
  • Marketing support and advertisement assistance: Leveraging Chaayos' brand recognition and marketing expertise to attract customers to your local outlet.
  • Business management software support: Gaining access to Chaayos' point-of-sale system and potentially other tools to streamline operations, manage inventory, and improve customer service.
  • Availability of training programs and manuals: Having access to ongoing training programs and comprehensive manuals to ensure staff is well-equipped to deliver the Chaayos experience.

This extensive support system empowers franchisees with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to establish and operate their Chaayos outlets effectively.

Qualifications and Documents Required

To become a Chaayos franchisee, you'll need to demonstrate both your business acumen and your commitment to their brand. Here's a breakdown of the requirements:

Business and Academic Qualifications for Franchisees:

  • Business Experience: While not always mandatory, having prior business experience, particularly in the F&B industry, can be advantageous.
  • Passion for Tea and Customer Service: A genuine enthusiasm for tea and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service are essential qualities for any Chaayos franchisee.
  • Entrepreneurial Drive: Owning a franchise requires a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to manage day-to-day operations, and a commitment to following Chaayos' established business model.

List of Necessary Documents for Application

Franchise Agreement: 

This legally binding document outlines the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement between you and Chaayos.

Proprietor/Aadhaar Copy: 

A copy of your government-issued identification card.

Proprietor/Business PAN Copy & Business TAN Copy: 

Proof of your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Account Number (TAN) used for business purposes.

GST Registration Certificate: 

A copy of your Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration certificate, which is mandatory for operating a business in India.

Proprietor/Business Address Proof & Unit/Shop Address Proof: 

Documents verifying your residential address and the proposed address for your Chaayos outlet.

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Applying for a Chaayos Franchise

If you're passionate about tea and driven to be your own boss, owning a Chaayos franchise could be a rewarding opportunity. Here's a guide to navigating the application process:

Steps in the Franchise Application Process:

  1. Initial Inquiry: Contact Chaayos through their website or contact information to express your interest in the franchise program.
  2. Information Session: You may be invited to attend an information session to learn more about the Chaayos franchise model, its requirements, and the benefits of being a franchisee.
  3. Application Submission: Once you're fully informed, you can submit a formal application form along with the required documents (outlined in the "Qualifications and Documents Required" section).
  4. Selection Process: Chaayos will review your application and qualifications. They might shortlist candidates for further discussions or interviews.
  5. Site Selection and Approval: If your application is successful, you'll collaborate with Chaayos to find a suitable location for your franchise outlet and obtain the necessary approvals.
  6. Training and Support: Chaayos will provide comprehensive training programs on various aspects of operating your franchise, equipping you with the knowledge and skills for success.
  7. Franchise Agreement Signing: Upon successful completion of training and site approval, you'll sign a franchise agreement with Chaayos, officially becoming a franchisee.

How to Contact Chaayos for Franchise Inquiries:

Website Contact Form: Locate a contact form or inquiry section on the Chaayos website and express your interest in franchising.

Email: Try sending an email expressing your interest to a general inquiry email address for Chaayos.

Social Media: Reach out to Chaayos on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to inquire about their franchise program.


Owning a Chaayos franchise is more than just a business opportunity, it's a chance to be your own boss and join a passionate community. Leverage their strong brand recognition, proven business model, and comprehensive support system to become a local tea haven. From top-notch training to marketing assistance, Chaayos equips you with success. So, if you're an entrepreneur with a love for tea, franchising with Chaayos could be the perfect cup of opportunity for you. 

Just remember to do your research and carefully consider the investment before diving in. Now go forth and brew your own success story!

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