Top Cafe Franchise Opportunities In India For 2024

April 19, 2024

Cafe franchises in India have become very popular in India's startup ecosystem. They offer opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business catering to the growing demand for quality coffee and innovative customer experiences.

The café culture in India blends traditional flavors with global tastes, creating unique community hubs rather than just eateries. As the industry experiences significant growth, investing in a café franchise can be a lucrative move.

Successful café franchises manage to capture the essence of their local area while maintaining a universal appeal to attract diverse customers. This article will explore the top café franchise opportunities in India for 2024, highlighting promising options for entrepreneurs looking to succeed in this vibrant sector.

Cafe Chocolicious

Founded in 2014 and franchising since the following year, Cafe Chocolicious has quickly grown to include 40 franchise units across India. With an initial investment starting from Rs 5 lakhs and a royalty fee of 5%, this franchise offers a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs eager to create their own slice of happiness.

At Cafe Chocolicious, every detail is curated to evoke happy memories and fulfill dreams. Known for its exceptional handmade chocolates, the cafe emphasizes quality in every aspect of its operation. The franchise supports its partners from the very beginning, providing essential equipment and initial raw materials to ensure a smooth start to the business. Additionally, Cafe Chocolicious extends substantial support in advertising and social media marketing, offering materials and strategies to effectively reach and engage customers across various digital platforms.

NYC Queen Cafe

This cafe started in 2018 and began franchising just a year later, NYC Queen Cafe has established 10 franchise units across the country. With an initial investment starting from Rs 10 lakhs and a royalty fee of Rs 5 lakhs, this cafe franchise offers a unique blend of global flavors inspired by the bustling streets of New York City.

NYC Queen Cafe is designed for those who are enchanted by the diverse and dynamic spirit of New York. It brings world cuisine to the forefront, allowing franchisees to tap into the popular trend of global dining.

The franchise provides extensive support to ensure a successful launch and sustained operations. This includes help with floor planning, comprehensive staff training, and the setup of operations. Additionally, franchisees receive a full package of support with menu creation, recipes, sales strategies, and promotional tactics.

Unique Brew Cafe

Established in 2011 and entering the franchise arena in 2019, Unique Brew Cafe offers a distinctive opportunity for those aspiring to make a mark in the Food & Beverages sector. Despite having fewer than 10 franchise units, this cafe stands out for its commitment to quality and uniqueness, which could make it an appealing choice for entrepreneurs. The initial investment for a franchise starts at Rs 10 lakhs, with a royalty fee of Rs 5 lakhs.

Unique Brew Cafe distinguishes itself by offering an unparalleled quality in taste, ingredients, preparation, and presentation. Their commitment to excellence is backed by an effective business model and a team of experts providing ongoing operational and technical support to all franchisees.

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Cafe Frespresso

Cafe Frespresso has carved a niche for itself in the competitive cafe market with its commitment to quality and affordability. It was founded and started franchising since 2010. The franchise boasts between 20 and 50 units across the country, with an initial investment required of Rs 10 lakhs and a royalty fee of 6%.

Cafe Frespresso stands out not only for its excellent coffee but also for a delicious and diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes. Each item on the menu is prepared with the utmost care, emphasizing hygiene and the use of high-quality fresh ingredients. This dedication to quality ensures that every visit to a Cafe Frespresso is both enjoyable and satisfying.

Bean Here

Started in 2014 and franchising from 2018, Bean Here has established itself as a prominent café brand in Allahabad, celebrated for its unique and award-winning offerings. Despite having fewer than 10 franchise units, Bean Here demands attention with an initial investment starting from just Rs 2 lakhs and a royalty fee of 10%.

Bean Here has garnered multiple accolades, including "Best Themed Café" and "Best Stand Alone Café," thanks to its distinctive menu and ambiance. The café delights its patrons with a diverse array of treats ranging from Bubble Iced Tea and Waffles to Live Ice Cream Rolls, ensuring there is something exciting for every taste.

The franchise supports its partners every step of the way, ensuring they have the necessary tools and guidance.

Pappa Roti

Pappa Roti has quickly risen to global prominence with over 410 outlets across 18 countries. It was founded in 2003 and has been franchising since 2019. This Malaysian coffee chain is renowned for its signature coffee-caramel coated butter buns, which have captivated a worldwide audience. With an initial investment starting from Rs 50 lakhs and a royalty fee of 44%, this franchise offers a significant business opportunity in the cafe sector.

Pappa Roti specializes in delivering a unique culinary experience with its delicious, freshly baked buns that are a treat for both the eyes and the palate. These buns are best enjoyed with the chain's selection of beverages and savory dishes, enhancing the dining experience. The distinctive aroma, freshness, and texture of Pappa Roti's buns have made it a favorite among coffee and bun enthusiasts around the world.

Jugo Cafe

Jugo Cafe, originally established in 2007 as a fresh juice outlet within major corporate settings, has evolved significantly over the years. Rebranded in 2018, it now operates as Jugo Cafe with between 10 to 20 franchise units. The initial investment for a franchise begins at Rs 10 lakhs, and the royalty fee is set at Rs 3 lakhs.

Jugo Cafe stands out in the café industry with its extensive offering of over 100 exclusive fresh fruit smoothies that promise to delight the taste buds. In addition to these refreshing beverages, the cafe serves a variety of tasty snacks catering to diverse tastes. Jugo Cafe regularly updates its menu with new and exciting dishes that keep the dining experience fresh and engaging for customers.

Rasna Buzz

Rasna Buzz, rooted in the iconic brand established in 1976, ventured into franchising in 2018. With currently 10 to 20 franchise units, the initial investment starts from Rs 10 lakhs, accompanied by a royalty fee of 6%. This unique franchise operates as a mocktail bar, reimagining the traditional bar scene by focusing on non-alcoholic beverages.

At Rasna Buzz, the concept revolves around creating a vibrant and inclusive space that excludes alcohol, making it a perfect spot for people from all backgrounds to socialize and unwind. The menu is ingeniously built around Rasna, the beloved drink of the 90s, offering a nostalgic twist to the modern mocktail bar. To complement its innovative beverage options, Rasna Buzz also serves a variety of regional delicacies, catering to diverse culinary preferences.

Brew Bakes Cafe

Founded in 2014 and franchising since 2015, Brew Bakes Cafe has rapidly expanded to between 100 and 200 franchise units across the country. Starting with an initial investment from Rs 10 lakhs and a royalty fee of 6%, this New Delhi-based chain specializes in coffee and food, offering a distinctive live kitchen concept that emphasizes freshness.

Brew Bakes Cafe is renowned for its commitment to serving freshly prepared food and delicious coffee right in front of the customers, enhancing the dining experience with the charm of a live kitchen. This approach not only assures quality but also adds an element of entertainment to every visit.

The brand has built a strong reputation and is driven by a passion to make a significant impact in the Indian café industry. It offers a compelling business plan that requires low initial investment while promising high returns on investment (ROI).

Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House holds a special place in India's cultural and historical landscape. Founded in the mid-20th century, it began as a cooperative movement by its staff in the 1950s after the closure of Coffee Cess Committee outlets. This initiative was led by the legendary communist leader A.K. Gopalan became a platform for intellectual and political debates, famously frequented by leaders, intellectuals, and artists.

Today, the Indian Coffee House operates on a cooperative society model, maintaining its legacy as a place for discourse and fellowship. This unique governance model distinguishes it from other coffee chains.

While exact figures vary by location and size of the outlet, prospective franchisees can expect an initial investment requirement in the range of Rs 10 to 20 lakhs. This includes the cost of setup, equipment, initial stock, and branding.


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