Burger Singh Franchise: Cost, Fees, and Business Opportunity

April 24, 2024

Burger Singh isn't your typical burger joint. They focus on incorporating Indian flavors and spices into their burgers, creating a delicious fusion that caters to the Indian palate. Their menu goes beyond the usual options, featuring innovative and mouthwatering combinations.

Largest Burger Chain of Indian Origin by Scale: 

Burger Singh boasts the title of the biggest Indian-born burger franchise. This means they're not just mimicking international chains, but offering a unique perspective.

Founded in 2014, Burger Singh Franchise has grown rapidly to become the largest Indian-born burger chain by scale.  They've captured the Indian market with their unique concept and have even expanded beyond borders, with over 100 outlets across Pan Asia and the UK.

Known for Indian-flavored Burgers 

Their menu isn't the only thing with a desi twist. Burger Singh is known for their creative and often humorous burger names, which add to their fun and quirky brand identity.

Inspired by the resourcefulness of the Indian Space Program, Burger Singh focuses on creating delicious and innovative products that are affordable to a wider audience. This makes their burgers accessible to a larger part of the Indian population.

Another impressive addition to their list of achievements is that they’ve quickly become the third-largest burger chain in India by volume, showcasing their ability to take on established players in the market.  

With their unique desi flavors and focus on affordability, a Burger Singh franchise is poised for continued success.

Kouzina Franchise: A Budget-Friendly Cloud Kitchen Option

Kouzina Franchise: A Budget-Friendly Cloud Kitchen Option

Compared to traditional restaurants, Kouzina's cloud kitchen model requires less upfront investment for things like rent and staff, making it a more budget-friendly option if you are looking to start a burger franchise in India.

As Kouzina specializes in cloud kitchens, they have a lot of experience in optimizing operations for delivery and takeout. This expertise can be invaluable as you navigate this growing market segment.

Indiana Burgers-

Indiana Burger isn't just another burger joint it is one of the oldest in Bangalore with its inception dating back to the 1980s. They prioritize using fresh, top-notch ingredients, from succulent patties to crisp lettuce and flavorful sauces.

Further, with years of experience under its belt, Indiana Burger has perfected the art of the burger, ensuring a consistently delightful experience for every customer.

Burger It Up-

While Indiana Burger holds the crown for "top burger joint," Burger It Up is a strong contender in the "most delicious burgers" category. Their focus on mouthwatering flavor combinations is sure to leave you wanting more. This brand by Kouzina has a menu that offers a delicious adventure for burger enthusiasts and remains light of investors' pockets with an investment range of Rs 12 Lakhs to Rs 15 Lakhs.

Burger Singh Franchise Models and Requirements

Burger Singh offers three main franchise models, catering to different space needs and investment levels:

  • Food Court/Take Away Model:
    • Space and Cost: This is the most space-efficient and cost-effective option, ideal for malls or high-traffic areas. The typical footprint is around 300 square feet, with additional storage space required. Setup costs can start around ₹16.5 lakhs for a takeaway outlet and ₹11 lakhs for a food court location (exclusive of taxes).
  • Dine-in Model:
    • Space and Cost: This model caters to customers who want a sit-down experience. Expect to need a minimum of 500 square feet (excluding storage) to accommodate seating, kitchen, and restrooms. Setting up a dine-in Burger Singh typically costs more than the takeaway option, with estimates starting around ₹25.6 lakhs (exclusive of taxes).
  • Drive-Thru Model:
    • Space and Cost: If you have the space and resources, the drive-thru model can offer fast and convenient service. This requires the most space, with a minimum footprint exceeding 1000 square feet to accommodate the drive-thru lane, ordering area, and kitchen. Setting up a drive-thru Burger Singh comes with the highest cost, with estimates starting around ₹59 lakhs (exclusive of taxes).

Financial Requirements:

  • Royalty Fees:  Burger Singh charges a royalty fee as a percentage of your gross sales.  While the exact percentage might be included in the franchise agreement, it's generally considered confidential information.
  • Management Fees:  Research the specific details in the franchise agreement to understand if Burger Singh charges additional management fees for ongoing support.  These fees might cover marketing programs, training, or operational guidance.

Staff Requirements:

The exact number of staff needed will depend on the model and your customer traffic. However, the franchise agreement should outline the minimum staffing requirements to ensure smooth operations and adherence to Burger Singh's service standards

General ROI Estimates :

  • Food Court/Take Away: ROI for this model might be achievable within 16 months due to the lower initial investment. However, earnings might be lower compared to other models.
  • Dine-in Model: ROI for dine-in outlets could be achievable within less than 2 years.  This model offers a balance between investment and potential earnings due to the increased seating capacity.
  • Drive-Thru Model: While the ROI might be achievable within 12 months due to potentially higher sales volume, the high initial investment costs need to be factored in.

Important Note: These are just estimates based on industry trends and Burger Singh's growth trajectory. The actual ROI for your franchise will depend heavily on the factors mentioned above.

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Menu and Product Offering

Overview of Burger Singh's Wide Range of Indian Flavored Burgers

Burger Singh's menu boasts a diverse range of burgers that incorporate bold Indian spices and ingredients. Their juicy patties are infused with the warmth of tandoori masala or the tang of tamarind chutney.  They offer options for all preferences, from the fiery "Achari Chicken" to the melt-in-your-mouth "Lamb Rogan Josh."

Make It a Combo Option and Regional Menu Variations

Burger Singh understands the importance of a complete meal. Their "Make It a Combo" option lets you pair your burger with fries, a drink, and even desserts like their decadent Phirni Shake.

Burger Singh goes beyond the typical burger.  They offer quirky and delicious options like the "Chole Bhature Burger" or the "Vada Pav Burger," bringing a taste of street food favorites to the burger world. Burger Singh also has a dedicated vegetarian range featuring innovative and flavorful patty options that are anything but bland.

Centralized Supply Chain Management 

To ensure consistent taste and quality across their outlets, Burger Singh has a centralized supply chain management system. This ensures that their signature ingredients and recipes are maintained,  delivering the same mouthwatering experience in every location.

Support and Training for Franchisees

Burger Singh doesn't leave their franchisees hanging! They offer a comprehensive support system designed to empower you for success. From pre-opening guidance to ongoing assistance, here's what you can expect:

  • Pre-Opening and Beyond:  Their support starts well before your doors open, with assistance in location identification, lease negotiations, and licensing. They'll also guide you through hiring and training your staff and yourself as the owner.
  • Dedicated Support Team:   You'll have a dedicated Franchise Success Manager to answer your questions and provide ongoing guidance. Regular monthly P&L calls ensure you stay on track financially, and their full supply chain support guarantees consistent product quality.

Application Process

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Initial Inquiry: Spark your journey by expressing your interest. Visit Burger Singh's website or contact them through the information provided below (refer to subsection "Contact Information").
  2. Franchise Information Session:  Burger Singh might hold information sessions or webinars to introduce their franchise program in detail
  3. Application Submission: Once you're confident about moving forward, you'll need to submit a formal application form.  Burger Singh might have this available online or provide it during the information session.
  4. Discussions and Due Diligence:  After reviewing your application, Burger Singh might contact you to discuss your qualifications and goals. This is also your chance to ask questions and ensure a good fit. You'll have the opportunity to perform due diligence on Burger Singh's franchise program.
  5. Franchise Agreement and Approval:  If both parties are happy to proceed, you'll receive a detailed Franchise Agreement outlining the terms and conditions. Carefully review it with legal counsel before signing. Upon approval, congratulations! You're officially part of the Burger Singh family.

Documentation Required for Franchise Application

The specific documents required for your application might vary, but here's a general idea:

  • Business Plan: Outline your vision for the franchise, including your target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections.
  • Financial Statements:  Demonstrate your financial strength and ability to manage the investment.
  • Resume/Bio: Showcase your relevant experience and qualifications for running a successful franchise.
  • Letter of Intent: Express your serious interest in obtaining a Burger Singh franchise.

While specific contact details might vary, you can start by reaching out to Burger Singh directly through their website(Burger Singh)

Franchise Benefits and Profitability

A Burger Singh franchise prioritizes value for money, making their burgers accessible to a wider audience. Their strong month-over-month revenue growth suggests a promising market for you to tap into.

Franchising with Burger Singh provides the security of a well-established industry (fast food) with strong growth potential.  Furthermore, their comprehensive support system ensures you're well-equipped for success, offering everything from operational manuals to marketing guidance.

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Burger Singh understands that customer satisfaction is key to long-term success. They remain committed to innovation, constantly developing new and exciting menu offerings to keep their customers coming back for more.

Spreading the Desi Burger Love: 

Burger Singh has its eyes set on new territories.  They plan to expand their presence in Nepal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bhopal, and Gujarat, bringing their unique burger experience to a wider audience.

Fueling Growth: 

To support this ambitious expansion, Burger Singh recently secured funding.  This fresh capital will also contribute to the establishment of a new warehouse in Mehsana, Gujarat, strengthening their supply chain and ensuring quality ingredients across their outlets.

Don't limit yourself!  Kouzina offers a variety of virtual brands, including popular options like Indiana Burgers,WarmOven, and Biryani Zone, allowing you to cater to diverse customer preferences and maximize your earning potential.

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