Exploring Best BBQ Franchise Opportunities In India

April 17, 2024

Indian diners have evolved over the years, they are increasingly seeking out restaurants that offer something different from the usual curries and main courses.BBQ franchises are providing people with a novel dining experience, from grilling stations to a wide range of desserts, BBQs have become extremely popular among the urban population.

Growth of BBQ Franchise Business in India

The franchise sector in India is booming, projected to grow at a whopping 20% CAGR over the next five years. This opens doors for ambitious entrepreneurs to capitalize on established BBQ brands.

Innovative Barbeque Franchise Brands Offering Profitable Ventures

The track record of existing this franchises like Barbeque Nation is impressive. Their high-profit margins, low closure rates, and established brand recognition make them attractive options for potential franchisees

Potential of food retail outlet franchises in the escalating food industry

Franchising is one such industry that is constantly moving to provide its customers, convenience and diverse food options.QSR chains are also going to be the future, thanks to the rising popularity of online food ordering and delivery services. As a result, we can expect plenty of new ideas and innovations coming into the market.

Kouzina is one such food technology company, focused on the new wave of cloud kitchen models to provide entrepreneurs with cost-effective solutions to start their own food business.

Top Barbeque Franchise Brands in India

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Barbeque Nation:

Barbeque Nation is a major player in the Indian casual dining sector, known for being the idea head behind the innovative ‘grill-at-your-table’ concept, their focus on fresh ingredients, diverse menus, and a lively atmosphere has solidified their brand image further.

Launched in 2006, Barbeque Nation's unique DIY grilling experience captured customer interest, leading to rapid expansion across India.

Franchise Requirements:

Barbeque Nation seeks passionate individuals with business acumen for franchise opportunities. To inquire, you can likely find information on their official website or contact them directly.

Investment and Profit Margins:

Setting up a Barbeque Nation franchise requires an investment between ₹1 crore and ₹2 crore. This covers costs like franchise fees, interior design, equipment, and initial inventory

While Barbeque Nation doesn't publicly disclose exact profit margins, estimates suggest successful outlets can generate a monthly profit of around ₹4.3 lakhs (around $5,300 USD) after accounting for expenses. However, It's important to remember that profitability depends on factors like location, operational efficiency, and customer traffic.

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Grilland’s popularity as a BBQ franchise has grown heaps and bounds not just for their non-vegetarian options but also for the wide variety of vegetarian cuisines that are equally delicious.

Despite having a strong network of 100+ outlets since its inception in 2018, Grilland is actively looking for franchise partners nationwide. You can launch your franchise with Grilland with an investment capital of around 15 to 20 lakhs and become a part of a great this segment franchise business in India.

grill land food

Smoke Hub BBQ: 

Smoke Hub BBQ prides itself on being unlike any other barbecue place in Chennai. They offer a wide variety of dishes, including North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, and desserts. They also allow customization of dishes based on customer preferences.

The company has successfully established itself in the national food and beverage market with plans to expand further. To accomplish their goals, marketing, and franchise training with active support is also provided to the franchisee partners individually.

bbq hub

Rail BBQ: 

Rail BBQ operates on a unique concept of a lifelike train where all items are cooked on the train itself. This remodeling attracts a lot of customers as they keep coming back for the long list of delicious chicken dishes from smoky grilled strips to slowly cooked drumsticks with everything being cooked to perfection.

Aspiring franchisees with limited investment can start with the cart model. At an investment of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, the brand can help you generate some excellent returns on investment.

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Coal Barbecues: 

Coal Barbeque is a highly-rated foodfranchise in India, specializing in barbeque, buffets, and a variety of other cuisines. Their presence in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is significant. They have a good number of outlets serving unlimited buffets on live counters or personalized dishes offering a variety of cuisines including Indian, Mutton barbecue, pizzas, desserts, and more. They offer this “just the way you like it” concept, allowing customization to suit your preferences.

If you are someone looking for a barbeque franchise that has all the 5 stars, Coal Barbeque is the business for you.

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Grillicious BBQ: 

Founded in 2016, this food franchise quickly found its way into people’s hearts given its delicious barbeques and grilled food. With a main office in Mumbai, the brand has swiftly expanded to 30 new outlets. Interested individuals can acquire a Grillicious food franchise for an investment of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh, respectively.

How to get started?

By leveraging the brand recognition of established BBQ chains like Barbeque Nation, you can attract customers who are familiar with their reputation and quality.

Choosing a Franchise Model

BBQ franchises in India generally utilize two primary franchise models:

Traditional Franchise Model-This is the most common model for BBQ restaurants. Here's how it works:

You pay an initial franchisee fee to the franchisor for the right to operate under their brand name. This allows you to secure a commercial space that is generally built according to the franchisor’s requirements. Finally comes the hiring of staff and their training, purchasing equipment, and paying the royalty fees to the franchisor.

Area Development Franchise-This model grants the franchisee the right to develop and manage multiple franchise outlets within a specific territory:

Similar responsibilities exist as a traditional franchisee for the initial outlet the franchisee opens themselves. 

Additional responsibilities include identifying and securing suitable locations for additional franchise outlets within their designated territory. Recruit and train other franchisees to operate these additional outlets. Provide ongoing support and guidance to these sub-franchisees. Pay an additional fee to the franchisor for the area development right

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Investment in a BBQ Franchise

The total investment can vary significantly depending on the specific franchise, location, and outlet size. Here's a breakdown of some major cost factors:

  • Franchise Fee: This can range from ₹25 lakhs to ₹1 crore (or more) depending on the brand and its established reputation.
  • Real Estate and Equipment: Leasing or purchasing a commercial space suitable for a BBQ restaurant can be expensive, especially in prime locations. The cost associated with BBQ grills, smokers, and other kitchen appliances is also significantly high.

The right way to grill!

Look for a high-visibility location with good traffic flow and ample parking. Consider areas with demographics that favor BBQ dining, like families or sports enthusiasts.

Most food franchises provide comprehensive training programs for franchisees, including BBQ techniques, franchise-specific training, and restaurant operations such as Inventory management, food safety protocols, customer service training, and staff management.

Application Procedure

How to apply for a BBQ franchise

Upon initial contact, the franchisor might send you a Franchise Information Package (FIP). This document outlines detailed information about the franchise opportunity, including investment costs, training provided, and area requirements.

If you're still interested after reviewing the FIP, you'll likely be asked to submit a formal franchise application. This application typically includes:

  • A detailed business plan outlining your proposed location, target market, and financial projections.
  • Personal information, including resume and proof of experience (if any) in the restaurant industry.
  • Financial statements or proof of your ability to meet the investment requirements.

Additional Resources  

Best Rolls & Wraps Franchise

KaatiZone- KaatiZone is a fast-food restaurant chain in India specializing in Kathi rolls, a popular street food item. They use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and parathas prepared from scratch. Focused on offering healthy and delicious rolls, they are a growing chain with outlets in several Indian cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Rollking-This franchise focuses on Kathi rolls, a popular street food in India. They offer multiple franchise models with varying investment requirements

Faasos-Known for its diverse menu of customizable rolls and wraps, Faasos boasts a strong presence across India. They offer investment options for various outlet sizes

Best Cafe Franchise

Frespresso-Known for its focus on affordability and a wide menu, Frespresso might be a good option for budget-conscious franchisees

Teacha-This franchise focuses on tea-based beverages with a modern twist, catering to a specific market segment

Best Waffle Franchise

The Belgian Waffle Co. : This is a leading waffle franchise chain in India with a large network of outlets and a focus on fresh, eggless waffles with various fillings and toppings. They might be a good choice if you prioritize brand recognition and a proven track record.

Belgian Waffle Love: This is a growing franchise offering a lower investment cost compared to some competitors. They might be a good option if you're budget-conscious but still want a recognized brand. 

Waffle House: This franchise offers a variety of waffles and snacks, making it a good option for locations with diverse customer preferences

Best dessert Franchise

WarmOven-The first-only bakery of Bangalore, WarmOven is a trusted brand when it comes to anything sweet. Their investment cost ranges from 12 to 15 lakhs, providing low-cost business opportunities to all dessert lovers.

Mio Amore: A popular chain in Eastern India, known for its cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings. They might be a good choice if you're located in that region.

7th Heaven: This franchise focuses on cakes with a twist, offering 3D cakes, cupcakes, French macarons, donuts, and tarts. They are known for their live-in-shop baking and fresh products

Best Bars Franchise

Xtreme Sports Bar and Grill: Offers sports screenings, a wide variety of cocktails and bar bites, and a high-energy atmosphere

Lord of the Drinks: A popular chain known for its premium cocktails, extensive bar menu, and stylish ambiance

Social: Offers a sophisticated bar experience with innovative cocktails, small plates, and a focus on socializing


Advantages of owning a BBQ franchise in India

Rising disposable incomes and urbanization are leading to increased spending on eating out in India. Consumers are looking for convenient and enjoyable dining experiences.

Popularity of Grilled Food: Grilled food is perceived as a healthier alternative to fried options, appealing to health-conscious consumers. The variety of flavors and cooking styles offered by BBQ restaurants cater to diverse preferences.

The Indian government is also actively encouraging the growth of the food and beverage industry through various initiatives. This can benefit the expansion of food franchises.

Future outlook of BBQ franchises in the Indian market

Consumers are increasingly seeking unique dining experiences with a focus on ambiance and quality ingredients. Food franchises can offer a vibrant atmosphere and a variety of menu options to cater to these preferences.

The rise of online food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy allows food franchises to reach a wider customer base and increase sales.

Expansion to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities: The increasing disposable income in smaller cities presents an opportunity for food franchises to expand their reach.

Overall, the future of food franchises in India is promising. However, success will hinge on the ability of franchises to adapt to changing consumer preferences, manage costs effectively, and leverage technology to enhance their offerings. Standing out in a competitive market by focusing on quality ingredients, unique flavors, value for money, and a welcoming ambiance will be key to securing a strong foothold in the growing Indian BBQ market.

If you are someone who has the passion to start a new and unique food franchise, Kouzina is the right place for you.

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